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23 September 2006 @ 10:38 pm
There's a chance I might lose my Photoshop for a month or so in November, so I'm going on an icon-making binge at the moment.

Icons that have been made and will be posted soon
> Wolves
> Autumn
> Photography

Icons that are planned
> Vienna Teng lyrics on stock bases
> Ani DiFranco lyrics on stock bases
> Regina Spektor lyrics on stock bases
> Misc lyrics on stock bases
> Angels In America quote icons
> Royal Tennenbaum icons
> More Rent icons

Does anyone have any suggestions for other icons they'd like to see?

10 soft&pretty icons (like the first two teasers)
10 brighter, harder icons (like the last teaser)

Under the cut: 20 fashion icons w/ Tori Amos lyricsCollapse )