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Status Quo Icons

undermine or die

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Status Quo Icons is the icon project of scarethewolves (Shay), who has been designing graphics for six years and designing icons for about three. That isn't to say that I'm any good (dropping third person, now) just that I like it a lot. Hopefully I'll be covering a wide range of icon topics; I'll be doing bases as well as full blown icons, and will be completely open to requests. My rules aren't very strict, either. Enjoy!

Drop me a line over email or AIM (wehavetruthbombs) if you have questions or concerns about any of Status Quo Icon's rules.

1. No taking my icons and offering them out as your own. I don't think that's too difficult, really, nor too unreasonable.

2. You don't need to credit, but of course it would be appreciated just so other people can come and check out my icons. What can I say, I'm a shameless little whore.

3. Please, please, please leave a comment when you're taking an icon. I'd also appreciate if you told me which icon you're taking. This isn't a hard and fast rule - few of these rules are - but it helps me learn which of my icons are most popular so that I can see what kinds of icons to make in the future. Furthermore, I'm just an attention junkie and like knowing when people like my work! Hurray.

N'aww! If you love my icons enough to take the time to make a request, I'll love you in return and try to get you an icon or two done as soon as I can. I am busy, so 'as soon as I can' is a relative time period - some days you'll get it in ten minutes, sometimes it will take a few days. I will try to do it as soon as possible, though!

Make all requests here - you'll find the guidelines for requests there as well.